October 20

So, you walk into one of your favorite thrift stores and, right next to the stack of vinyl records is a handwritten sign on a colored piece of paper:

“Vinyl records 10 for $1”

Whaaa? Usually this shithole charges a dollar apiece for vinyl records? Why the change?

“So, what’s the deal with the discount on vinyl records?” you ask the helpful assistant near the cash register. “We just got a big load of records in and are trying to sell off the inventory quickly.” she replies.

So what do you do?

For me, the admitted record hoarder, I grabbed a bunch of potentially interesting stuff and brought it home to blog about! Here is what I found:


18 records of various styles and providence. Stuff I have never seen before, stuff I have never heard of, stuff that I have picked before and done well with on record store credit, some unopened gems!

According to my quick Discogs back of the envelope calculation, there could be as much as $70 of retail value here for my investment of $1.80!

I’m most interested in these: Blame It On The Bossa Nova from Edie Gorme, a K-Tel collection of funk and soul tunes called Super Bad Is Back, A Buddah Records release from a group called Chi Chi And Pepe, and a record from a provocative singer named Fran Jeffries called Fran Jeffries Sings Of A Sex And The Single Girl.

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