October 21

Happy birthday Steven Lee Cropper, born this date in 1941!

It was on the winged licks of Steve Cropper that I discovered the blues… first through the movie The Blues Brothers (which I saw on a drive in movie screen and heard through a single 5 inch speaker). Next from the album Briefcase Full Of Blues, which an Air Force roommate of mine introduce me to. My copy, still in VG+ condition, ended up on the TT for this evening:

This roommate, Roose, was a jazz band trumpet player in his high school days. He’s probably the first person that turn me on too trumpet jazz like Miles Davis, Chet Baker and especially Maynard Ferguson. But, some of the music that his band played where old soul classics such as The Blues Brothers highlighted on their records.

We must have watched that movie 100 times in our dorm room. We even attempted to dress as The Blues Brothers one Halloween.

When he explained to me that Cropper was not just the guitar player for The Blues Brothers, but also played on Otis Redding and Booker T songs, I was impressed and interested.

When I first heard the Sam and Dave version of Soul Man I was blown away that they were named checking Cropper in that original rendition… just as John Belushi had in The Blues Brothers rendition.

So, thank you Steve for the introduction to real blues and soul music. I appreciate it

Play, it Steve!

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