October 23

Happy birthday Dwight Yoakam! Congratulations! You are the first most popular Dwight on my Google Chrome search page!


I inherited a healthy respect for honky tonk music from my father. But, he didn’t think much of these upstart honky tonk wannabes like Yoakam and Steve Earle.

“Why do they have to have those guitars always going; waaa waa waa!?!”

He thought even less of the hangers on who made it through the door afterwards (I’m looking at you Garth Brooks!)

Yoakam’s debut Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. was a great example of a new artist paying tribute while blazing a new path too:

Some of this stuff we could agree on; the Johnny Horton penned Honky Tonk Man, the Cash cover of Ring of Fire and the fantastic Heartaches By The Number would appeal to dad.

The duet with cow-punk chanteuse Maria McKee – Bury Me and the swinging Guitars, Cadillacs where my favorites.

My copy of this LP still plays near mint and I am happy to reminisce with my main honky tonk influence, my pop, while listening to this album.

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