October 25

So, I found a first pressing mono copy of the Beach Boys – Pet Sounds at a local thrift store:

Now I just have to figure out how to you say “I really don’t care for this album, Rolling Stone’s second greatest album of all time”, in this crappy blog…

What do I know that RS doesn’t? Nothing. It’s just my opinion…

I’ve never been a huge Beach Boys fan, although one of my very first record purchases was a Beach Boys compilation.

Growing up in Idaho, the surf and the beach and the California Girls were just a fairytale. That didn’t mean we couldn’t fantasize about sun-drenched, Laidback afternoons full of late breaking waves and bikini clad surfer girls…

And AM Radio in Idaho didn’t delve into the thematic production of Pet Sounds or the new “Wall Of Sound” that Brian Wilson created…

I’ve owned this album on CD for quite a while. I bought it because it was one of those records you were supposed to like… one of those records that was so awesome and influential it would change your life with one spin.

It’s a good record, it has some good songs on it, don’t get me wrong, but it just didn’t trip my trigger like I was promised it would.

Still, for $0.50 I wasn’t going to pass on this purchase. It gave me a chance to reacquaint myself with the second greatest album of all time.

Still, after all these years, it did not move me or show me the path towards greater enlightenment or whatever it was supposed to do.

My thrift store copy is fairly beat up but playable. I’m sure someone else is looking for any version of this record for their ultimate collection. I’m glad to pass it along.

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