November 1

So, we’re headed to Hawaii. My lovely wife has scheduled herself for a conference there and has invited me along!

So, while we are packing our bag for the trip to the Aloha State, a little island flavored music is in order.

The first spin is my drugstore special entitled The Romantic Lure Of Hawaii: Exotic Sounds Of The Surfmen:

With a name like The Surfmen, I actually had hoped this thing would be more funky surf guitar-y, but instead it’s just an easy listening parade of Polynesian piffle! Perfect!

Next up was an album entitled Hawaii’s Greatest Hits by Leo Addeo and His Orchestra:

At least this RCA release is honest enough on its liner notes to explain how most of the songs were not traditional at all but were popularized by mainland singers cashing in on the Exotica craze of the late 50’s.

…with one exception, the song Aloha Oe was apparently written by an island monarch by the name of Queen LiLiuokalani, who knew!

Although I am really looking forward to a bit of rest and relaxation I do have problem; how am I going to maintain my 365 Days Of Vinyl while thousands of miles away from my turntable?

Well, to start with we will have a car for the time we are there and I have identified several thrift stores, music stores and the like so the vinyl hunting-gathering can continue (I’m not sure what category this fits on Mr. Vinyl Connection’s list).

Second, I have loaded several of my favorite records in digital format to my phone so I can listen to them virtually.

Third, there are few things I’ve been meaning to buy online so this will be a great chance (excuse) to do that!

Finally, I’ve been on quite a listening frenzy lately, so I’ve got a few of these blogs and the hopper ready to go.


One thought on “November 1

  1. Just buy the records, Sir, we’ll work out the categories later! (Thanks for the link).

    I was talking to a Record Store chap just an hour ago who said that there is digging to be had in Hawaii, so good hunting!


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