November 2

Tickets? check, passports? check, cat sitter? check, swim mask and snorkel? check…

There  are so many things that you need to do, so many things to consider, decisions to make, before you can leave your real life behind and go out on vacation.

One of the things that I had on my list was to winterize, unhook the hoses, blow out the sprinklers and bring outside summer things inside so they don’t get wrecked by the cold season.

Some of these outside things needed to find their seasonal spot in the garage but there was an issue: a big chunk of garage space has been taken over by vinyl records!

No! Not the good ones! These are the cast away’s that came by the box full over the past 10 months; people cleaning out basements and attics, too good to pass up deals at yard sales or estates, well-meaning friends and relatives who delivered these things by the trunkload.

Not saying that I’m not appreciative, don’t get me wrong! But the accumulation was getting a bit out of hand. So what to do with all of this no good to me vinyl? There is the thrift store idea, where I could donate these to a good cause and, heck, maybe someone is looking for another copy of the South Pacific soundtrack right?

Another option was to get artistic. I found some really interesting work done by Culturecraving on her Table Turning blog and have seen others make interesting shapes and arrangements using old vinyl. But undertaking some new art project is probably not in the cards for now anyway.

I asked at the recycle center, they take all sorts of plastic why not vinyl records? Well apparently there is some reason… I got a flat “no!” from the grizzled operator.

So it is with a broken heart that I admit then I just flat shitcanned them!


There’s no going back now! I was able to recycle the sleeves and jackets but had to send a hundred pounds of vinyl records to the waste to energy plant.

I hope the vinyl gods forgive me!

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