November 7

So I came back to the hotel with six records from the Hoomana thrift store on the east side of the island of Kauai in a town called Wailua.

This area had very spotty if any cell phone coverage so my Discogs “what is this thing worth” app would not work for me. I had to go on pure knowledge and instinct… both of which I am severely lacking.

The first album that, I was a very trippy, even psychedelic looking, cover from a band called Orpheus:

The deal at the thrift store was vinyl records $2 each but if you give a $1 contribution your entire order is 50% off. With that no brainer in mind, I judged this book by its cover and brought it home.

I can’t really argue with the Discogs description as “Lounge, Psychedelic Rock, Pop Rock”… although I’d have to say it leans a lot closer towards the pop/rock category.

The record is on the MGM label, which should have been a clue as most of the stuff I remember from the soft rock or pop rock world of my youth was on MGM or one of their subsidiaries.

But for $1 how can I pass? The thing even has a song simply named the Doorknob Song… which would normally have had me racing for the checkout counter regardless.

On first listen, this debut album from Massachusetts based Orpheus was not unpleasant, but more easy listening then psychedelic with over-the-top strings and sappy arrangements.

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