November 8

Next up from my Hoomana thrift, Wailua, HI. pick was the debut album from the band If:


Another non Discogs researched punt based solely on the name of the band and the cover art.

I have seen several all silver record covers in my latest super picking excursions, but never one with weird etchings all over as well, and I was intrigued.

Once I got back into civilization and did some research on this record; it turns out that the etchings on the silver cover were not, um… original. Rather, it seems that they were, um… organic in nature?

I hadn’t really considered that by bringing a paper wrapped vinyl disc from a tropical paradise such as Kauai into my home in Spokane, I may be transporting alien species!

Anyway, the record cleaned up well and sounded quite good! Sort of an approachable jazz rock fusion.

Too bad it will have to live out the rest of its life in the garage!

This song is not on the album I scored, but you get the idea:

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