November 15

I figured since I was taking a look back at influential double live albums I might as well take a crack at another biggie… Frampton Comes Alive! the 1976 tour de force by Peter Frampton:

I hear people poke fun at this album quite often, but I still really like it! My copy was purchased well after the original 1976 release date and closer to the 1978 Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band movie debacle that Frampton got himself mixed up with.

(I really liked that movie too, but that is a story for a different time)

So, as comic book heroes and monster movies became less cool, beautiful people on the covers of magazines somehow became all the rage, and Frampton was on many a magazine cover back in those days!


And the music was a totally new experience for me. Well apart from the pop music and disco of the day and also removed from the heavy rock of Kiss… this was somehow more grown up at the time.

I guess when you are an actual teenybopper sophistication is not your strong suit.

Anyway, where Kiss Alive! was my air drum launchpad, Frampton Comes Alive was my air guitar introduction.

A couple years back Frampton was touring in support of Frampton Comes Alive’s 35th anniversary. He came to a regional venue and just so happened to be on my birthday!

My wife and I went to the show where the band played the entirety of Frampton Comes Alive in the proper sequence the live shows were performed in 35 years earlier.

Frampton was in great form, full of energy and stories from back in the the day. He was even playing that custom Les Paul with the 3 humbuckers! The slideshow that accompanied the band was mostly pictures from the Tiger Beat Frampton era, but also included dozens upon dozens of images of fans holding that iconic Frampton Comes Alive LP at concert venues and appearances. Old fans middle-aged fans teenage fans… that’s where I got my take you vinyl to a concert idea.

It just goes to show that and iconic album remains an iconic album. People can poke fun of me all they want but I’ll still, proudly, unbutton my jacket so my minimally hairy chest and gold chain will be on full display any time I play air guitar to Frampton Comes Alive!

Viva la talkbox!


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