November 16

It’s been a long time coming but I finally made the transition from record buyer to record seller!

Well, not exactly. What I mean is I finally listed a vinyl record that I found in a thrift store for sale for a profit on the Discogs website.

For months now I have been accumulating records, some I intend to keep and some with some perceived value, at thrift stores, yard sales and the like… and trading them in for record store credit at my local used record stores.

So far it has worked out just fine. I’d give a dollar for a record that may be worth 10, I would get $2 or $3 of record store credit and the record store would sell it at near retail. A win, win, win.

The problem comes up when you have a record that, on the internet market, is worth some real money, maybe $50 or $60 or more, and the local record store knows that the local buyer’s market won’t support that price.

Some of the buyers I’ve been dealing with lately insist on paying wholesale prices for your trade-in but demanding retail prices for your purchase.

It was fairly easy to set up a PayPal account and attach that to the Discogs database. So, from here on out, I’ll be posting my thrift store finds on the internet market place rather than trading in for record store credit.

My first listing is a fairly rare record I found at the local Value Village. It’s the debut album from an artist named Dorothy Carter, the album is called Troubadour… it is a recording of hammered dulcimer, Psaltery, voice and flute by the artist. It also has some tambura and ch’in by other artists.


It is a beautiful recording. Having heard and even attempted to play hammered dulcimer before, I was blown away by the different styles of music represented on this record… from Appalachian folk songs to medieval French tunes to religious modals and Jewish melodies, this record was breathtaking in its clarity and content.

As good as it is, this record doesn’t really fit anywhere in the collection, and it has a suggested value of $25 in the Discogs database. I figured this would be a good start to list as my first record retail experience.

I will let you know how it goes!

Here’s the only video I could find of Dorothy:

It doesn’t really do her playing on Troubadour justice… she’s more like a cross between Jimmy Page and Ravi Shankar on this record…

Maybe it won’t sell and I’ll have to keep it!

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