November 17

I just heard the sad news that Andy White passed away November 9th.

For all you Beatles aficionados, White was the musician brought into the first Beatles session to replace Ringo Starr on two tracks, Love Me Do and PS I Love You.

Although the British single Love Me Do did feature Ringo’s version, the first American release featured White, with Ringo playing tambourine. Andy White version was also used on the British debut album Please Please Me in 1963.

Another version of Please Please Me with Pete Best on drums was released on the Beatles Anthology number 1.

Andy White played on many other rock and roll, jazz and big band records of the day including Herman’s Hermits, Tom Jones and Rod Stewart.

The last time I heard Andy White’s playing was in the mid 2000 with the rock band the Smithereens. They had recorded a tribute to the Meet The Beatles! record called Meet The Smithereens! and White played drums on PS I Love You.

So, Andy White, congratulations on your place in history as one of many fifth Beatles! Rest in peace.

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