November 18

So, on our recent holiday to Hawaii it became evident that I was not going to be able to properly support the ethos of Mark’s 365 Days of Vinyl; “listening to some music on vinyl, picking through dusty crates of albums, buying or selling some records

The only avenue open to me was to buy some records online!

That was okay with me, I had a list of things that I have been looking for since January and had yet to come across picking. My wife asked me a simple question, “when are you going to buy me Queensryche – Empire on vinyl?”

Well okay then! Subtle hint taken.

The thing arrived via Amazon Prime a couple of days ago. A double album, – two 180 gram perfect platters of vinyl, spotless gatefold cover, 3 tracks per vinyl side… Superb!

This 2011 reissue on the Friday Music label is top notch! No extra tracks or upgraded packaging… but if you are looking to obtain this album on vinyl for whatever reason you will not be disappointed.

Musically, Empire is probably my favorite Queensryche record. I’ll even forgive my Air Force roommate who forced me to listen to the uber popular single Silent Lucidity over and over and over again while cruising around Colorado Springs Colorado and his maroon Ford Probe.

I have seen Queensryche in concert numerous times and the songs off of Empire are always my favorite.

Is Empire a better record than the Operation Mindcrime album? Even though I may like it better… I have to give the edge to OM just for the reaction it got from my better half.

Here’s a video of Queensryche from the concert we attended recently here in Spokane (we had way better seats!):

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