November 24

I guess it’s really no surprise that The Collection of easy listening records has grown exponentially… In 1986 I was probably the only person in my 18 – 24 year old male demographic to buy the Linda Ronstadt and Nelson Riddle compilation of three American Songbook big band records in a box set, called Round Midnight:

I must have seen a TV special about the recording and release of these records and something lit a spark.

The week this box set was released I made a special trip from McChord Air Force Base, south of Tacoma Washington, up to record store in a mall in Bellevue just to get a copy of this on release day.

The records saw significant headphone time because I definitely took flack for playing it in the dormitories!

No matter, I’m sure I turned some of my friends over to the softer side by playing this beautifully recorded and wonderful sounding compilation.

it’s been nearly 30 years since I’ve listened to this record and I can report that it still sounds fantastic!

One thought on “November 24

  1. I too bought this vinyl back in the day. Unlike you though, I only gave it few spins. But something must have clicked despite this. As I ripped all my CDs to my Pono in January this album was amongst the pile. I don’t remember buying the CD version, but now I’m glad I did. It is top quality stuff and “beautifully recorded” hits the mark perfectly.

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