November 25

“It has been a wonderful evening and what I needed now to give it the perfect ending was a bit of the old Ludwig van.”

That, my little droogies, was my introduction to classical music.

The 1971 film A Clockwork Orange broadcast to a teen me on HBO.

Ultra-violence aside, the electronic interpretation of classical pieces by Wendy Carlos, and Alex’s awesome stereo setup in his Clockwork bedroom left me envious:

The next time I heard Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was in the wilderness. Riding in the back of a friend’s pickup truck, his cassette blaring in stereo, numerous teenagers conducting as one.

At a thrift store some years later I found a seven album box set of Beethoven The Nine Symphonies conducted by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra on the Columbia Masterworks label:

This 1966 release, although sullied and stained on the exterior, remained nearly pristine where it matters… seven well preserved vinyl discs.

“Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest spun heaven metal or like a silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such a lovely pictures!”

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