November 29

The credit for my first taste of the Rush album 2112 goes to a friend of a friend named Buck.

I was a Moving Pictures fan and he said something along the lines of “well if you think Moving Pictures is good you’re going to love 2112!”

He was right!

Side one of the record is the title track broken into 7 distinct passages.

Passage one, Overture, is an obvious reference to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture although I’m not sure what the connection actually is. 1812 is a triumphant celebration where 2112 is the moment when all galaxies come under the control of the red star…

Here, check it:

Anyway, the bit in the middle, passage III or IV, where the guy finds the guitar and teaches himself how to play and then is slapped down by the Priests Of The Temples Of Syrinx somehow hit a home for this teenage kid.

I was also confused by the shout out to Ayn Rand in the liner notes, even after reading her bullshit.

As mindblowing as side A of 2112 is, my favorite song from the album is Lessons on the B side:

My scratched up and barely playable copy still exists and, given enough Bloody Marys, actually sounds pretty good on a Sunday morning!

2 thoughts on “November 29

  1. A great album, was listening to it a few weeks back, sounds as good as it did when it first came out, it hasn’t really dated at all!


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