December 2

Another song that has followed me around for much of my life is…

Well, kind of embarrassing!

In the mid-seventies, amongst AM radio airplay and the occasional musical TV special, one song really infatuated me. It was the song Muskrat Love performed by The Captain & Tennille. I know I went out and bought the 45, and I even went so far as to buy The Captain & Tennille’s Greatest Hits record.

I was relieved to also find the song on my America’s Greatest Hits (called History) record, purchased used later.

If it was an America song then it wasn’t so lame after all, right?

Then, a few years back, when I was digging into a new obsession with Americana and Outlaw Country music and getting to know all of those awesome three named Texas musicians, I came across a fellow named Willis Alan Ramsey.

Turns out the original version of Muskrat Love, titled Muskrat Candlelight on his 1972 debut album, was the original!

Even cooler!


So, when I found a copy of Willis Alan Ramsey on Shelter Records at a local thrift store, I was happy to pony up $0.99 plus tax.

Turns out this record is a bit of a unicorn! Ramsey and Shelter had a falling out and Ramsey ran out his contract without releasing another record. In fact he’s never released a second record, even though he continues to write and perform in various locations and is a bit of a mythical figure among Americana aficionados.

So, according to Discogs, this release has a median value of $42.50! Score! Turns out mine is a 1977 re-issue… still cool, and still a score.

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