December 3

Today is the day that pigs actually flew!

On December 2nd 1976 a 30 foot long porcine helium balloon was maneuvered over the Battersea Power Station in south west London in preparation for a photo shoot for the new Pink Floyd album Animals:

Conditions weren’t right so the photo shoot was to take place the next day, 39 years ago today on December 3rd. The sky was a chaotic and beautiful but the pig balloon broke free from its morning and floated away.

It drifted to the southeast where it landed harmlessly in a farmer’s field. Other than a few scared cows all was well.

The cover art for the album release was a cut and paste job of day 2 sky and day 3 pig!

I took a Rock Tour Of London in 1988-ish, and one of the highlights was a view of the Battersea Power Station from the top of a double decker bus. This was the first time I had heard the legend of the Flying Pig!

Tonight I’m listening to my 1979 near mint reissue of Animals album. Far removed from Dark Side of the Moon, recorded after Wish You Were Here and proceeding The Wall, Animals is probably my favorite Pink Floyd album.

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