December 14

I bought the AC/DC album Back in Black on 8 track.

I was a huge fan of Highway To Hell. In between that record and the newly formatted band’s come back in 1980, I had a vehicle change.

I swapped my 1957 Chevy pickup truck with an under dash cassette player for a 1967 Mustang with an in dash factory 8 track tape player.

My cassettes were useless. I didn’t have enough scratch to go out and buy a cassette player so the few new music purchases I made during that time were on 8 track. Back In Black was the first.

It didn’t help that we had a JCPenney console stereo in the house that had an 8-track slot.

I can remember my very first parents out of town teenager take over Beerfest around that time. We set the single speaker JCPenney console up in the hallway, inserted the Back In Black 8 track, and let it run all night long! Taboos were tossed aside, virginity was lost, Rainier cans were recycled…

Before too long I removed the factory 8 track from the Mustang and traded it off to some car restorer for pennies on what it was worth I’m sure. I had no idea how rare or valuable that piece of equipment was.

I used that money to buy a trunk mat and a Funk-o-Sonic cassette deck for that car. The 8-tracks that I accumulated fell by the wayside and cassettes ruled the roost!

I never did replace Back In Black with a vinyl album, a cassette, or even a CD. The only time I’ve ever owned that album was on 8 track.

I have come across several copies of Back In Black on vinyl over the past year, but never have found one that was worth listening to. That all changed last weekend at the used record store. They had a near mint copy in the new arrivals section and I wasted no time and dropping my $12 for this specimen.

Of course I have heard many of the songs on classic rock radio stations over the years but I can say honestly that I have not listened to this album as it was intended since I got rid of that 8 track tape in the early 1980s.

It’s amazing how even after all these years I still know the sequence of the songs, can sing along, and can air guitar and air drum to each and every track like it was yesterday.

Rock and roll ain’t no riddle man…  to me it makes good good sense!

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