December 21

Tommy can you hear me?

I came to the Who album Tommy backwards through the 1975 movie. I then picked up on the London Symphony Orchestra version of this classic rock opera.


I’m sure I first saw the Tommy movie on HBO. The thing just blew me away!

What a story! A man goes off to war, is reported MIA and feared dead. His pregnant wife gives birth to Tommy and eventually falls in love with another man. When the MIA man returns he is mistaken for an intruder and killed in front of young Tommy. Whoa.

Tommy is rendered deaf, dumb and blind by the experience and is thought of as quite a problem for the family until he discovers mirrors, baked beans, and pinball!

He becomes a leader, a messiah, to the masses who eventually turn on him in the family.

The soundtrack to the film is bombastic and overblown. The music and lyrics are still great but with the original studio album still sound fresh after all these years.

These are some grand records to listen to on a snowy Winter Solstice Eve. I might even carve out some time for the movie this evening!


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