December 26

My first experience with the Clash was an MTV video of Rock The Casbah from the album Combat Rock:

I knew some kids that had that record and loved that band but, although I thought it was okay, it didn’t really do too much for me.

And older cousin reminded me that The Clash didn’t just form out of thin air and record Combat Rock… they’d been a band for years and maybe I should not be a dope and listen to some of the earlier stuff already.

Thank goodness I took his advice!


It started with a cassette of London Calling. The world music thing had not been invented yet as far as I knew. London Calling was probably the first taste of rockabilly, reggae and many other musical styles that I had heard.

Their next record, the monster three record Sandinista! was even more of a taste!

Together with all these new sounds and the overt political content containing lyrics it really opened up my eyes to the larger world that was outside of my rural American bubble.

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