December 28

Today’s category for my 50 Greatest For My 50th Year list is used.

Actually most of my records are used! I mean what is the point of having an unused record? I guess I understand if record collectors or other types of dealers want have that stuff around, but for me I would rather have a nice playing copy of one of my favorite albums than a still sealed copy that just sits on a shelf somewhere.

That being said, these next 10 records are things that I have bought from other people or dealers that have been previously used but weren’t tossed away to a thrift shop:


Saturate Before Using – Jackson Browne

I bought most of my Jackson Browne albums used. The first day we went out record hunting this year I found a slug of good ones at 4000 Holes. I finally bought a new Jackson Browne album this year at one of my take a record to a concert dates.

Ghost In The Machine – The Police

The Police were probably my favorite big name commercial band towards the end of high school. I had a cassette of Zenyatta Mondatta that I must have listened to a thousand times. I kind of wrote off Ghost In The Machine, I didn’t really understand it. With older ears and a different perspective this is become my favorite Police record.

Goucho/Aja – Steely Dan

These two albums are a staple. Although I did buy Aja new back in the day, & it was also a gift when that copy went missing, my most recent version is a MFSL half-speed Master picked up at Groove Merchants. It sounds fantastic! My copy of Gaucho I’ve had for several months and it is a go to when trying to impress people with the stereo setup.

Joshua Tree – U2

Who knew a bunch of Irish guys would introduce me to Americana music? My super clean copy came from third record store in town, Recorded Memories. By all rights this album should be up in the Big 10 list. It actually was for most of the existence of the list… but I needed to fill a spot down here in used.

The Monkees – all

These were among the first records I started buying at use record stores back in the mid eighties. I’ve always wanted to find clean copies of the Monkees albums because they bring back so many childhood memories.

Mermaid Avenue – Billy Bragg and Wilco

This came used from the original owner. I was so happy to find this album on vinyl as it is one of my favorites. This album was another that nearly made the overall Big 10 list!

Blind Faith – Blind Faith

I learned about blind faith from a Kevin Costner movie. I was on a seek and destroy mission until I was able to find this thing on CD. When I came across a near mint copy of a reissue I had no qualms in laying down the exorbitant asking price.

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie

My copy came from an antique store. It was the store owners private collection.

Marquee Moon – Television

Came from a collection in Coeur d’Alene that was just unbelievable! I bought it purely to trade in for record store credit I’m so glad I listened to it beforehand because it has really opened my eyes to the mid-seventies American proto punk.

The Velvet Underground & Nico – VU&N

I didn’t care for this record the first time I listened to it. I could hear many of the influences that my alternative and grunge idol’s cited back in the day, but I just didn’t care for this record. Then it started to eat at me… all the songs were earworms and I have finally become a fan. I can’t imagine punk rock or grunge without the Velvet Underground.


3 thoughts on “December 28

  1. I really like your blog! Thanks for some great insights and wonderful stories. You are blessed with a wife who obviously appreciated the music and the continuing search for the prrfect vehicle for its appreciation!
    After a half lifetime of collecting records, I had to sell my immaculate collection which contained most of the 50 albums you listvas favourites. I just kept my collection of art covers – including my original Velvet Underground & Nico (bought new in 1967) with the banana still intact! My initial teaction to the album way back then was like yours: I just didn’t get it. I had a similar reacton to Miles Davis’s ‘Sketches of Spain’. But now these albums are essential listening.
    Anyway, keep coming up with more fascinating posts. I count myself a fan! Thanks.


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