December 29

Today is 10 disc category for my 50 Greatest For My 50th Year list is gifts.

Actually, looking back at this blog, many more than 10 of the records highlighted would fit into the gifts category… these 10 for, one reason or another, really stand out:


Sitin’ In – Loggins and Messina

This the record that, more than about any other, spawned this whole blog thing. It was a 49th birthday gift from my lovely wife and was a brand new 180 gram remaster of this fantastic album. I had been hearing some of the more extended Loggins and Messina jams on satellite radio which renewed my interest in this group. Because of this record I got serious about reassembling the stereo and setting up a listening room just to enjoy vinyl records again.

Operation Mindcrime/Empire – Queensryche

My wife’s favorite band! Looking back for the blog for the one about how we sat together and listened to her favorite Queensryche album, Operation Mindcrime, fireplace roaring, drinks in hand, volume on 11… I came up with nothing! It seems that I had purchased this album for her prior to the blog. Even so, I believe we now have collected all of the classic Queensryche albums on vinyl and all were gifts to her. (PS… Empire is better than Mindcrime)

Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone – Lucinda Williams

Another one from my wife. Lucinda Williams is one of my favorite singer songwriters and I have most of her albums on CD. This relatively new release came to me as a Valentimes gift, once again from my thoughtful wife. It was a two-fer because Lucinda was playing a concert in town on Valentime’s Day last year. We had a great night out… dinner, drinks and a show.

Arrival -Rail 

Boy honey, you really knocked it out of the park with this one! My wife and cat got me this for Father’s Day a few years back. It came with a vintage set of JBL Lancer l77 speakers, which my original Rail – Arrival cassette did not include. Even with my favorite high school band album in hand and a new set of speakers I was still lazy about getting things set up.

St. Dominic’s Preview – Van Morrison

In case I haven’t then crystal clear, my buddy Rich lent me this album to listen to and I have since made it a gift for myself! Thank you!

A Love Supreme – John Coltrane

After Kind Of Blue, A Love Supreme is probably my favorite jazz record. It is just so stripped down and primal, you feel it more than think about it. This was another 180 gram brand new reissue from my wife.

Breakfast In America – Supertramp

From the better to give than receive department, with a very young friend at this year’s Record Store Day she mentioned a couple of the records that her mother had and played and she really wanted to find. This was tops on the list and I was fortunate enough to find a super clean copy at Groove Merchants. The look on her face when I gave it to her was priceless and I plan on continuing to give away records just to help spread the joy around a little bit.

Mose Allison 

These came to me by way of my buddy Chris back in Great Falls. They were his father’s and he generously turned them over to The Collection. These were not all though! I’ve literally added dozens and dozens of fantastic jazz titles to the collection… all due to the generosity of Chris and the care his father Bill showed to these treasures.

Kiss Alive! – Kiss

My childhood musical Christmas present that sparked my interest in music more than any other thing I can remember.

Fathers And Sons – Muddy Waters

Passed from a stranger to a cousin to me. Played by two sons who miss their dads.

3 thoughts on “December 29

  1. Gift records are lovely, aren’t they? You can keep or discard and sometimes discover a new band or even style of music.
    I’d be right chuffed with a few of these, but particularly the Coltrane and the Mose.


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