Happy New Year/Birthday

This year was a biggie! My wonderful wife, a new years baby circa 1976, turned the big 4-0!

Of course it was up to me to offer up a special gift for such a special person on a special day.

It took a fair bit of planning, a little deception and some outright fibbary, but I managed to whisk her away to see her favorite band!


Since I’ve known her she’s just raved about Queensryche! The first time she heard them out of a car stereo in a parking lot, the older guy that introduced her to the music, her favorite album, her favorite song… her enthusiasm is contagious and I’ve become a fan as well.

Turns out that the newest lineup (minus Geoff Tate) was scheduled to play the New Years Eve show at the Nugget Casino in Reno Nevada. With some help from friends I managed to arrange the trip and fly her there without spoiling the surprise!

The concert venue was intimate and set up cabaret style. One of her best friends made the trip as well and we had great seats at the late night show!


She scored an autographed copy of the newest record, a signed photograph, a shout out (and a kiss!) from the lead singer at the encore… even a set list as a memento. The plan went off without a major hitch and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I don’t know how I’m going to top that one but it will be fun trying!

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