The Day Has (Almost) Arrived!

So one of my favorite local events takes place this weekend… the local Public Radio station annual audio/video and recording sale!

It’s a pretty cool idea! Locals donate vinyl records and CDs, videos in all formats and stereo equipment to be sold as a fundraiser.

This two day event has been happening this weekend in February every year since the mid 90s and is the single biggest (non pledge drive) fundraiser for the organization.

They’ve managed to keep the process is simple; a set price for any recorded medium and a silent auction for the equipment.

Vinyl records are $3 a pop. Here’s a picture of the event set up from today:


As for the gear, there are feet and feet, piles and piles of equipment! Turntables, tape decks, amplifiers and speakers; everything from vintage silver faced beauties to black plastic crap:


I have volunteered during the setup phase of this event for the past couple of years. It’s been great fun to meet other enthusiasts and community members.  Humping all this stuff into the Event Center is a good workout, but the payoff is the early bird opportunity to purchase up to 5 items. Here are mine from today:


I’ll post some updates of my Friday early bird scores and the Saturday event as well!

*update 2/19, Friday set up*

Another successful day of volunteering at this event. Although we were all but done with heavy lifting, there was still plenty of work to do… setting up signs and posters and getting the gear ready for the auction.

And of course digging through these dusty treasures for vinyl gold nuggets! Here’s my score:


That’s an import Sugarloaf album the debut album from the band Free a couple of T-Rex records and some more Van the man to add to the ever expanding Collection!

*update, 2/20, the big show*

So I don’t think I mentioned, I had been working the overnight shift during this whole process. 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. and then carving out a few hours in the afternoon and early evening to help with the setup.

So, after my shift got over at 7 a.m. on Saturday… the day of the event, I was excited to get there well before the doors open at 9 a.m. I was a little punchy from lack of sleep but excited to witness the show!

We spent several hours going through box after box of vinyl records and talking with enthusiasts about vintage stereo and music. It was a blast! And we ended up coming home with a grand total of 89 albums!


Some of these I have been looking for forever, some plugged holes in certain artists in the collection and some or just for fun! There are also a fair number that I plan on selling on down the line.

I won’t bore you with the gory details here but stay tuned for the next post when, after a thorough cleaning in a few needle drops, I will highlight some of the great scores from the 2016 Spokane Public Radio Audio, Video and Recording sale!

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