I Didn’t Want To…

He exploded onto the MTV screen in my little hometown. You couldn’t get away from it!

I didn’t want to like him.

He dominated radio airplay on our one FM station.

I didn’t want to like him.


He influenced other artists to emulate his “Minneapolis” sound.

I didn’t want to like him.

The girls I knew went ga ga and wanted to dance!

I didn’t want to like him.

He took over movie screens across America.

I didn’t want to like him.

I came around slowly, but come around I did. Mostly, I credit my wife for patiently  introducing me to the brilliant music of Prince.

But if there was one moment in time where I gave up all doubt and became a fan it was this moment:


2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Want To…

  1. THANK YOU! I would never have sought out such an indulgent luv-fest off my own bat and in consequence would have missed a marvellous piece of rock theatre. Petty-Lynne… wonderful. Seeing Dani circa ’62 George… tingling. Mystery guitarist on the left: scintillating. Mr Nelson and Hat? Fucking fantastic.
    Thanks again.

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    1. And Steve Winwood! Don’t forget Steve Winwood! My favorite parts of this video (apart from the Prince solo, of course) are 1. the look he gets from Dani after he trust-falls off the front of the stage and 2. when he chucks his Telecaster at the end of the song and struts off the stage. Not shown in this video, after the song was over and the crowd was going nuts, the band was taking their bow… everyone was shaking Dani’s hand and you could see him mouthing the words “where’s Prince?!?”. I’ll never forget it.

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