Full Circle Concerts

We went to our first concert of the summer season last night. The Little River Band played an indoor show at the Northern Quest Casino.


It was a greatest-hits affair with only two unrecognizable songs played in the entire one hour and 45 minute set. The near sell out crowd was responsive and excited for Tuesday night and the band was excellent!

I had previously written about seeing The Little River Band at my first concert experience; it was August 29th 1978, also a Tuesday.

The event was billed as Spokane Jam, modeled after the successful California Jam concerts of the era. Although the 8000 crowd seemed huge to me it was a disappointment to the concert promoters and follow-up event was never held.

I saw four bands that day; Evelyn “Champagne” King, The Little River Band, Bob Welch and Heart!

It’s a fond memory and The Little River Band has been one of my favorite guilty pleasures ever since.

Of course, none of these dudes were in the band I saw back in 1978… the lead singer and bass player was the closest, he joined the band In 1980 and sang the successful single The Night Owl.

Here’s me telling him how much I enjoyed the show and was glad to see them back in Spokane since they were my first concert back in 1978:


He’s looking at me like “you dumbass I wasn’t in the band back then!”

This year I decided to stop taking vinyl records to concerts in hopes of getting the artists to find them for me. Of course, at this concert the band decided to do a full-on meet and greet! We bought two T-shirts and a poster for the music room.


So this one formative moment of my life has come full circle… an artist from my first concert experience in Spokane has again played in Spokane. If this is my last show ever at least I have closed the loop!

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