It Was The Dark Of The Moon On The 6th Of June…

Those of you who are citizens band radio fans or love a good novelty song, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

June 6th is the date that the fictional convoy of big rigs formed, rolling from outside of “Shakey Town” (L.A.) on toward “Flagtown” (Flagstaff), to Tulsa, Chicago and on to the Jersey Shore… and into the hearts and minds of America’s Road culture.


The song, recorded by CW McCall in 1975, capitalized on the CB radio craze that was sweeping the States.

The CB radio fad had its roots in actual world events… the oil embargo of the early seventies had caused fuel prices to skyrocket and shortages developed. To try to help conserve fuel, the government instituted a 55 mile an hour nationwide speed limit. Americans, proud of their huge gas-guzzling trucks and fast cars, quickly realized that drivers could communicate over the CB radio to warn other drivers of highway speed traps to skirt the 55 mile an hour limit and guide them to areas where fuel was available.

A little activism later and truck drivers were banding together to block all Lanes of particular roadway is to allow the entire herd to exceed the speed limit.

These events caused enough of a cultural buzz that songs about CB radios and truck drivers proliferated. Hollywood was close behind with such blockbusters as “Smokey and the Bandit” celebrating CB culture.

Growing up, we had CB radios in most all of our cars plus base stations at home and portables for away excursions. On silently in the background, it was not uncommon for the thing to crackle to life with a friend or neighbor just checking in.

So today I’m going to celebrate by listening to this awesome 2 record set entitled Road Music. So climb on in, buckle up and hold on! Let them truckers roll, 10-4!


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