Buyer Beware

Last weekend I attended my first ever record fair (or record “show” as they call them here in the US).

Lake City Flyer Nov 2016 1 Up.jpg

It was in a section of North Seattle known as Lake City, a four and a half hour drive from my home.

Not only did I attend this record show I participated as a seller!


Rebound Records

I’ve always been interested in attending one of these events. And following some blogs here on WordPress got me more excited! Unfortunately there were none to be had in my area which is why we made the trip to the wet side of the state.

I had been gearing up for this event for months. Through summer and fall I dug up as many decent vinyl records as I could find. From The pedestrian to the exotic, I found around a thousand LPS and countless 7 inch singles to use as my inventory.


Many of the more valuable or desirable albums I kept in my own collection. Some were listed for online sales and some turned out to be better copies of things that I already owned (upgrade!)

Last Saturday, inventory secured and plans made, we headed west to the big city to make our millions.

It all started off well enough. Meeting a friend for dinner and drinks in an area known as Ballard, we visited a record store called Bop Street Records. The friendly proprietor, named Dave, gave us the grand tour and some good conversation. When I told him that I was in town for this record show he was immediately interested in my inventory. I pulled the boxes of 45s out of the truck and let him have first dibs.

After a bit of negotiation we settled on a deal; $100 for all!


My first sale, sweet!

Load-in for the record show itself was 8 a.m. Sunday morning. The event was scheduled from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., but there was a pesky football game in the early afternoon that I figured would cut into attendance.

What I wasn’t expecting was the feeding frenzy that took place minutes after we walked in the door!

Other dealers and sellers were picking through our crates of stuff before we even had a chance to set up. Vultures!

In fact, the busiest hours of the whole day were between 8 and 10 a.m.! After 10 a.m., members of the general public started filtering in to sample the already picked through remains.

We started off at a reasonable set price of $5 per record. After things started to slow down we begin decrease in the price to finally end up at $2 per record as the show came to a close.

Other sellers followed suit and we were able to score some bargains for ourselves as well!


Just a sample 

All in all, we probably broke even. We sold enough records to pay for the trip and added a few records to the collection.

We made some good contacts and met some nice people along the way. Will we ever do this again? I learned a lot and would do some things differently next time, but it was a blast so yes!

Maybe it’s time for a Spokane record fair?

One thought on “Buyer Beware

  1. Vultures is the exact word for the professional dealers. How I recall being carrion at my first few Fairs as seller. Eventually I covered my stock with a sheet while unloading and setting up and cajoled a mate into coming along to ensure the sheet stayed in place!

    Glad you had an (overall) positive experience.


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