July 29

So, I had Monday off. I took advantage and went out vinyl hunting in a few thrift stores in eastern Spokane, known as Spokane Valley. The pick’ens were OK… I did find a still sealed copy of Kinky Friedman ‎– Under The Double Ego and Barry Alan Pincus (AKA Barry Manilow) – Greatest Hits Volume II.

One of the genres I’ve been interested in picking is the kitchy dance records released in the late 50s on… anything purporting to be a how to Cha Cha Cha, Twist, Tango or Belly Dance record gets extra attention.  Evening gowns, cocktail glasses, smoky stares into the camera… the more the better.

So, when I came across this record:

I was intrigued. Obviously kitchy, this 1965 (cash in) was a play on the uber-popular Tijuana Brass or the Herb Alpert records of the day… and the smoky eyed model on the cover, clothed in only a hat, a rose and a smirk sealed the deal. Then I looked closer. The label was World Pacific, another name or branch of the fabled Pacific Jazz label. To boot, the cover said “featuring Chet Baker”.

Are you kidding me! Fucking Chet Baker! One of my all time favorite trumpet players, signed to the Pacific Jazz label, is on this record?!?


So, this $1 record filled my whole evening with joy. It was Mariachi, it was jazzy, it had a tune by Sonny Bono… I must’ve played it ten times this evening! It was perfect… like no one had ever laid a stylus on it before.