July 28

I’m feeling the beat today with a couple of records featuring drummers.

Paul Humphrey ‎– Me And My Drums and Gene Krupa ‎– The Rocking Mr. Krupa:


While both “drummer” records, there’s a lot more going on here, obvs…

Paul Humphry, who is a new name to me, was a session guy for many of the big 60s jazz guys, Mingus and Montgomery to name drop two.  He became a bandleader through the 70s, which is the era of this record… 1979 on Stanson Records.

Me And My Drums is a fusion record with some disco-y bits thrown in. All in all the style of each track was varied enough to keep you on your toes. Although a bit dated, there is still a lot to like hear. #1 is the production… it is a truly great sounding record! #2, there are only two dudes making all this music, Humphry and his co-conspirator Tony Drake (credited with 5 of 7 writing credits. #3, the drums are front and center in most of the mix, really putting a spotlight on the talents of Mr. Humphry.

The final cut, Uncle Nate’s Dream (Snore) includes an underlying track of, I assume, Uncle Nate snoring!

One other gig that Humphrey held down was as the drummer for the Lawrence Welk Show, check it:

The Krupa record (from 1953 on the Clef label) is a trio affair with Charlie Ventura on bass and Eddie Shu on, well, everything else! It includes the seminal Sing, Sing, Sing that became Krupa’s calling card:

On side B the trio becomes drums, bass and harmonica! Weird. If there is a fault with this record it is that the drums are actually buried in the overall mix, outside the solos.