June 23

While I’m on the subject of my favorite records of all time, I might as well mention Dire Straits – Making Movies:


The band’s third album, released in 1980, is the album I use to evaluate stereo equipment. I recently pulled it back into service to shake down my “new” Fisher receiver.

I own it on both vinyl and CD and tend to break it out in one format or the other every month or so. I don’t know if it is the songwriting or the band dynamic or the Jimmy Iovine production, but this is one of those records that’s pure joy from start to finish.

My copy is a weird Yugoslavian pressing I came across new in around 1985 in a grocery store somewhere outside Tacoma, Washington. I was in the Air Force and stationed at McChord Air Force Base south of town. I remember stopping in some shopping center for groceries and there being an end display… more of like a discount bin… of vinyl records at 3 for $10 or some such thing. I nabbed Making Movies and a couple of Ramones records (Portuguese pressings of all things), added them to my cart full of Cup-O-Noodles, bananas and beer, and heading back to the dorms.

I wonder what else was in that discount bin that I took a pass on?

Anyway, I loved the video for Skateaway (featuring Jayzik Azikiwe, R.I.P.) but did not expect to be bowled over by the rest of the record.

Especially beloved is the song Romeo And Juliet. With that open C dobro and those ripped down to the bone lyrics, it was like nothing I’d ever heard before or since: