May 9

Back in March I admitted to a rookie record digging mistake… I picked a record jacket with an incorrect vinyl record inside.

What a dope. I have made other errors, buying warped, broken or otherwise unplayable records that I must atone for in the future, but, for this right jacket, wrong record error I have redeemed myself!

I managed to find a second copy of the 1977 double album A Man Must Carry On by Jerry Jeff Walker.

This is an odd and interesting album and, in my opinion, a great introduction to JJW. Side 1 and 2 are a mix of studio recordings, penned by JJW and others, sung in JJW’s adopted Texas mumble. Side 3 is a mix of JJW singing and playing and Cowboy Poetry by Charles John Quarto and Luckenbacer Hondo Crouch. Side 4 is recorded live and includes the Walker classic Mr. Bojangles, the Guy Clark tune L.A. Freeway, a 50’s rock and roll medley, a Dylan song and the iconic and profane Ray Wylie Hubbard song Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother.