Wherefore Art Thou Lola?

My dear Lola I miss you!

You were my first, all those years ago and I still think about you often.

Of course, there have been others since then. But none of them compare to you, Lola!


So here’s the story. My very first Kinks record was Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround.  I found her in a used record store in Tacoma Washington in 1986.

Of course I knew the song Lola from the radio but the rest of this album was so witty and full of biting commentary… I was hooked!

Unfortunately, so was one of my dorm mates and this album disappeared from my collection under suspicious circumstances.

Since that time I’ve looked high and low for a replacement copy, but have had no luck. Until today!


So, now that Lola and I have been reunited the question is, does she sound as good as I remember?

Even better!