May 22

1994 was the first time I ever heard of Little Feat. I had recently moved to Great Falls, Montana, and the local music scene there was rich with musical knowledge. One performer, who worked for the city by day, became “Guitar” Grant on the evenings and weekends.

This dude could play a solo gig, just him and his acoustic guitar. He could be a bandleader, fronting a great 5 piece R&B band… or, he could be a sideman, playing fills and singing tasteful harmony behind other local performers.

Little Feat tunes were featured prominently in his solo and bandleader gigs and I became a fan.

My first ever vinyl Little Feat record came from a local thrift store that was having a spring cleaning sale… everything was half off, and the vinyl was $0.25. This is the same store where I scored the Tom Waits record a few blogs ago… so, I imagine these records were in the same collection:

This 1973 release, the band’s third, was a departure from the L.A. sound of their freshman and sophomore releases and showcased a more New Orleans funk/soul/R&B vibe.

There are many great songs on this record… the title track, the splendid Allen Toussaint penned On Your Way Down and the funky honk of Fat Man in the Bathtub, to name a few. But, the song that makes this album indispensible for me is the slow, simple and sweet Lowell George tune Roll Um Easy.

If I ever manage to string together words so sweet as those, in such a beautiful phrasing, lord please take me for my work here would be finished.