June 29

So, here it is, my official half-way-through-365-days blog. I know, half of 365 is not 180, but 180 is my symbolic halfway point…Don’t judge me!

So, what to listen to? I can’t put my finger on any “half way” or “6 month” songs… but I do have some 180 gram vinyl in The Collection. This was my first:

Loggins And Messina ‎– Sittin’ In. This is the 2011 remaster of the original 1971 master tapes, courtesy of Joe Reagoso, Kevin Gray.

It all started a couple of year ago. I heard a version of Danny’s Song on XM Radio. I had always loved that tune no matter who covered it. I had recently set up my turntable for the first time in Spokane and I set out to find a vinyl record that had Danny’s Song on it.

My wife picked up on the search and, for my birthday last year, got me this version brand spanking new!

I can’t remember my previous brand new record…

Old habits die hard. I slit the cellophane open on the gatefold cover and cracked the thing open to smell the virgin vinyl; mmmmmm! The 180 gram record in a thick anti-static sleeve slid into my hand, a quick brush with the Discwasher and, silence! The lead in groove was a whisper, set up for the beautiful tones to follow.

Kenny Loggins was the dude that wrote all those movie songs and Jim Messina was in Poco. That’s what I knew. When I started to play acoustic guitar I started hearing some of the really great players outside of their classic rock hits. I also started paying attention to the songwriters and interpreters, still some of my favorite music today; but there was something about this combo… the way their voices and playing gelled, that really drew me backwards toward them like few other musicians have.

Sittin’ In (actual title: Kenny Loggins With Jim Messina Sittin’ In) was to be Loggins first album. Messina was a producer, but contributed so much of the content that he was entitled to co-credits. This worked out well for the then unknown Loggins, who was able to attract the attention of fans of Messina to his debut.

Sittin’ In is a gem of acoustic heavy music and grand harmony. Apart from the aforementioned Danny’s Song (written for Loggins’ brother) there is the whimsical House At Pooh Corner and a “trilogy” of three loosely related songs Lovin’ Me/To Make A Woman Feel Wanted/Peace Of Mind that are worth a listen… the trilogy hinting at the extended jamming tunes to follow on subsequent studio and live LPs.

It took me 40 years, but I have become a big Loggins And Messina fan. You can pick up many of their records at bargain basement prices, I suggest you do!

Pisces/Virgo rising is a very good sign!