April 3

Stevie Wonder scared the shit out of me!

It was 1973. I was a worldly eight year old dutifully watching Sesame Street on one of the four channels available when up popped Stevie Freekin’ Wonder:

This may be the first time I can recall thinking to myself “what the fuck is this!

Who was this person? Why is he acting like that? Why are my hips moving like that?!?

After a commercial break, Stevie and Grover got together to freak me out even more:

Next up from the recent “estate” sale score, Stevie Wonder ‎– Talking Book:

I’ve loved that funky drum/Clavinet opening since I was first frightened by it in 1973. The rest of the record is bad assed too, mostly Stevie playing the bulk of the instruments with an occasional assist on guitar from people like Ray Parker Jr. (I believe that’s him there backing Stevie on the Sesame Street video) and Jeff Beck… how cool!

Here’s another Stevie doing the song, enjoy!