October 17

Whenever possible I try to find records that I know my wife will enjoy for The Collection.

Call it self preservation: if she enjoys the hobby, even just a little, then I don’t feel so guilty about my obsession. “Here honey! This one record (on top of this huge pile of records) is for you!”

She had mentioned that one of her favorite albums, and one she would love to have on vinyl, was the soundtrack from the 1994 movie The Crow:

When I searched for a vinyl copy of this soundtrack, my search came up blank. It seems that there was a bootleg copy available at one time but no official releases.

It turns out that she had seen this bootleg at the local record store, 4000 Holes:


She had dropped a few hints but I didn’t pick up on the fact that there was a copy actually sitting in our local!

The hint dropping and got more pronounced today as she broke out the CD and listened to it on repeat all afternoon.

I finally got the hint!

As always, these bootlegs are a bit sketchy, perhaps recorded off of a CD, a test pressing or some other less than optimum source. But this one sounded pretty good! It did omit the final track from the CD,¬†It Can’t Rain All the Time from¬†Jane Siberry (one of my wife;s favs, sorry!)