April 12

My wife’s most favorite song from her most favorite band is London by Queensrÿche, from the album Rage for Order:

I managed to find a still sealed copy on vinyl at the local record store 4000 Holes.

Valentime’s day, done!

How she waited this long to finally open and listen to this record is beyond me, but it happened this weekend. Stormy afternoon, obligatory phone calls taken care of, house reasonably clean… let’s rock!

As I’ve mentioned before, I was never a Queensrÿche fan and often mocked them as an overplayed hype, but hearing them through her ears and seeing them through her eyes has changed my perspective.

I’m a Queensrÿche fan! There, I said it. Like they say, even old dogs can develop an appreciation and affection for something they once disdained if their hot wife is into it.

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